Clocks And Cock
Starring: Katana
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Katanas man is some kind of scientific genius. The guy is always tinkering with clocks, but it does not bother her. She figures it is just some silly hobby, and as long as it does not get in the way of her getting her pussy rammed every now and then, she does not mind. But this guy is doing more than just fiddling around with some gears in an old alarm clock. He is trying to crack the code of time as we know it. All so that he can play some sexy tricks on this gorgeous Asian lady. When he finally figures it out, he sets his master plan into action. Katana is getting ready for bed when the breakthrough occurs. She strips off her sexy lingerie and starts brushing her teeth. But suddenly, her man turns a gear in the clock, and everything changes. The whole worlds stops, frozen in time! This guy is truly a genius. But what does a horny dude do the moment he figures out how to stop time in its tracks? He uses it to get his rocks off! The hung stud walks into the bathroom to find the sexy Asian babe with the toothpaste still on her lips. He sticks his thick cock between her lips while she remains frozen, fucking her face with his big dong. Then, he brings her to the bed and pounds her tight pussy from every angle he has ever dreamed of. The little Asian girl takes this studs cock like a champ and looks sexy as fuck even when she is not moving! The sex heats up as he spreads he legs and slips his dick between her juicy pussy lips again and again. Then, he sets the clock back and leaves Katana with a toothbrush full of hot cum. Bet Einstein never got this nasty…